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Graduate Students

Bezdek, Kylie
Advisor: Dr. Beth Kurtz-Costes
223 Davie Hall

Kylie studies early intervention programs, such as home visiting and child care, with a particular interest in social and emotional outcomes.

Burnett, Marketa
Advisors: Dr. Shauna Cooper and Dr. Beth Kurtz-Costes
219 Davie Hall

Marketa studies how racial and gender stereotypes impact the educational outcomes of African American children and adolescents.

Capella, James
Advisor: Dr. Eva Telzer
211 Davie Hall

Jimmy studies the connection between social relationships and neurodevelopment, with a focus on how these interactions affect adolescent behavior and outcomes.

Chernikova, Michelle
Advisor: Dr. Kristen Lindquist, Dr. Margaret Sheridan, Dr. Eva Telzer

Field, Nathan
Advisor: Dr. Mitch Prinstein
209 Davie Hall

Nate studies how aspects of peer relationships and social interactions in childhood can alter the developmental trajectory, with a specific interest in peer rejection and social withdrawal.

Garrett, Shedrick
Advisors: Dr. Shauna Cooper and Dr. Eva Telzer
209 Davie Hall

Garrett studies the enhancing qualities of digital technology on adolescent developmental competencies and resilience, with a focus on how digital landscapes can support marginalized students.

Goldblum, Jessica
Advisors: Dr. Cathi Propper and Dr. Clare Harrop
209 Davie Hall

Jessie studies the early development of social communication in typically developing children and children with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Gomes, Lindsay
Advisor: Dr. Jean-Louis Gariepy and Dr. Cathi Propper
Frank Porter Graham Institute

Lindsay studies the development of social motor synchronization in early childhood.

Jorgensen, Nathan
Advisor: Dr. Eva Telzer
224 Davie Hall

Nathan studies how cultural beliefs and values influence the developing adolescent brain, with a particular interest in the processing of social information.

Kwon, Seh-Joo
Advisor: Dr. Eva Telzer
224 Davie Hall

Seh-Joo is interested in adolescent social brain development, specifically how social influences shape affective development and ultimately behavior and psychopathology.

Lyons, Monica
Advisor: Dr. Jessica Cohen
219 Davie Hall

Monica uses functional neuroimaging and graph theory to understand brain network organization and how it relates to atypical development, particularly in ADHD.

Maza San Vicente, Maria
Advisors: Dr. Eva Telzer and Dr. Mitch Prinstein
211 Davie Hall

Maria studies the impact of biosocial factors and technology on the developing brain and subsequent health risk behaviors.

McBride, Margarett
Advisor: Dr. Shauna Cooper
208 Davie Hall

Margarett studies community factors, combined with family and school contexts, that contribute to the development and resiliency of African American youth.

McLaughlin, Kirsten
Advisors: Dr. Cathi Propper and Dr. Roger Mills-Koonce
234 Davie Hall

Kirsten studies parent-infant interactions and how they influence infants’ cognitive and socioemotional development, with a specific focus on the development of attention control and self-regulation.

Murgueitio, Nicolas
Advisor: Dr. Margaret Sheridan and Dr. Cathi Propper
209 Davie Hall

Nicolas studies differential associations of threat and deprivation with children’s development, with an emphasis on fear, the intestinal microbiota, physiology, and emotional neurobiology.

Shaheed, Janae
Advisor: Dr. Beth Kurtz-Costes and Dr. Shauna Cooper
208 Davie Hall

Janae studies how social inequalities impact the well-being and identity development of marginalized groups and how supportive community contexts can facilitate positive development.

Wylie, Amanda
Advisor: Dr. Cathi Propper
219 Davie Hall

Amanda studies how indicators of maternal, infant, child health predict cognitive and socioemotional development in early childhood.