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Graduate Students

Bezdek, Kylie
Advisor: Dr. Beth Kurtz-Costes
223 Davie Hall

Kylie studies early intervention programs, such as home visiting and child care, with a particular interest in social and emotional outcomes.

Burnett, Marketa
Advisors: Dr. Shauna Cooper and Dr. Beth Kurtz-Costes
219 Davie Hall

Marketa studies how racial and gender stereotypes impact the educational outcomes of African American children and adolescents.

Capella, James
Advisor: Dr. Eva Telzer
211 Davie Hall

Jimmy studies the connection between social relationships and neurodevelopment, with a focus on how these interactions affect adolescent behavior and outcomes.

Field, Nathan
Advisor: Dr. Mitch Prinstein
209 Davie Hall

Nate studies how aspects of peer relationships and social interactions in childhood can alter the developmental trajectory, with a specific interest in peer rejection and social withdrawal.

Garrett, Shedrick
Advisors: Dr. Shauna Cooper and Dr. Eva Telzer
209 Davie Hall

Garrett studies the enhancing qualities of digital technology on adolescent developmental competencies and resilience, with a focus on how digital landscapes can support marginalized students.

Goldblum, Jessica
Advisors: Dr. Cathi Propper and Dr. Clare Harrop
209 Davie Hall

Jessie studies the early development of social communication in typically developing children and children with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Gomes, Lindsay
Advisor: Dr. Jean-Louis Gariepy and Dr. Cathi Propper
Frank Porter Graham Institute

Lindsay studies the development of social motor synchronization in early childhood.

Jorgensen, Nathan
Advisor: Dr. Eva Telzer
224 Davie Hall

Nathan studies how cultural beliefs and values influence the developing adolescent brain, with a particular interest in the processing of social information.

Kwon, Seh-Joo
Advisor: Dr. Eva Telzer
224 Davie Hall

Seh-Joo is interested in adolescent social brain development, specifically how social influences shape affective development and ultimately behavior and psychopathology.

Maza San Vicente, Maria
Advisors: Dr. Eva Telzer and Dr. Mitch Prinstein
211 Davie Hall

Maria studies the impact of biosocial factors and technology on the developing brain and subsequent health risk behaviors.

McBride, Margarett
Advisor: Dr. Shauna Cooper
208 Davie Hall

Margarett studies community factors, combined with family and school contexts, that contribute to the development and resiliency of African American youth.

McLaughlin, Kirsten
Advisors: Dr. Cathi Propper and Dr. Roger Mills-Koonce
234 Davie Hall

Kirsten studies parent-infant interactions and how they influence infants’ cognitive and socioemotional development, with a specific focus on the development of attention control and self-regulation.

Murgueitio, Nicolas
Advisor: Dr. Cynthia Bulik and Dr. Cathi Propper
209 Davie Hall

Nicolas studies the impact of psychosocial and nutritional adversity.

Shaheed, Janae
Advisor: Dr. Beth Kurtz-Costes and Dr. Shauna Cooper
208 Davie Hall

Janae studies how social inequalities impact the well-being and identity development of marginalized groups and how supportive community contexts can facilitate positive development.

Wylie, Amanda
Advisor: Dr. Cathi Propper
219 Davie Hall

Amanda studies how indicators of maternal, infant, child health predict cognitive and socioemotional development in early childhood.