Core Faculty

Burchinal, Margaret
Associated Faculty | Frank Porter Graham Child Development Institute
266 Sheryl-Mar South
(919) 966-5059

Dr. Burchinal studies growth curve methodology and the short- and long-term impacts of early care and education, especially for children at-risk due to poverty. Visit her online: Margaret R. Burchinal, Ph.D. and Family Life Project.

Dr. Burchinal will not be recruiting a student to start Fall 2019.

Cheatham, Carol
Associate Professor
216 Davie Hall
(919) 843-5020 | (704) 250-5010

Dr. Cheatham studies individual differences in cognitive development as they relate to nutrition and nutrigenomics, utilizing both electrophysiological (ERP) and behavioral methodology. Her research spans preconception to senescence. Visit her online: Cheatham Nutrition and Cognition Laboratory.

Dr. Cheatham will be recruiting a student to start Fall 2019.

Cooper, Shauna
Associate Professor
214 Davie Hall
(919) 962-7468

Dr. Cooper studies the cultural and contextual factors that contribute to positive youth development, with a specific focus on African American adolescents and families. Her work spans multiple areas, including 1) family processes; 2) ethnic-racial socialization practices; 3) father engagement and involvement; 4) gender-related processes and 5) youth community involvement. Visit her online: Strength, Assets, and Resilience (StAR) Research Lab.

Dr. Cooper will be recruiting a student to start Fall 2019.

Gariepy, Jean-Louis
Associate Professor
227 Davie Hall
(919) 962-2392

Dr. Gariepy studies the development and evolution of social behavior and the biological and behavioral aspects of social adaption.

Dr. Gariepy will be recruiting a student to start Fall 2019.

Kurtz-Costes, Beth
Zachary Taylor Smith Distinguished Term Professor | Developmental Psychology Program Director
221 Davie Hall
(919) 962-4137

Dr. Kurtz-Costes studies the development of adolescents’ academic motivation with particular attention to race/ethnicity and gender as social identities that shape youth’s experiences, goals, and achievement behaviors. Visit her online: Beth, Kurtz-Costes, Ph.D.

Dr. Kurtz-Costes will be recruiting a student to start Fall 2019.

Propper, Cathi
Adjunct Assistant Professor | Center for Developmental Science
100 East Franklin Street
(919) 843-2400

Dr. Propper’s research focuses on the development of infant and child self-regulation. She investigates child behavioral, emotional, and cognitive outcomes as the result of associations across levels (behavioral, physiological, genetic, environmental) and over time, from the prenatal period to early childhood.

Dr. Propper will be recruiting a student to start Fall 2019.

Telzer, Eva
Assistant Professor
218 Davie Hall
(919) 962-6758

Dr. Telzer’s research examines how social and cultural processes shape adolescent brain development, with a focus on both prosocial and antisocial behaviors, family and peer relationships, and long-term psychological well-being. Visit her online: Developmental Social Neuroscience Lab.

Dr. Telzer will be recruiting a student to start Fall 2019.

Adjunct Faculty

Adjunct Faculty have official appointments with the Department of Psychology and Neuroscience and assist the Department by collaborating with faculty, mentoring doctoral students, or teaching undergraduates.

Adams, Liz
Adjunct Assistant Professor | University of North Carolina
229 Davie Hall

Asher, Steven
Adjunct Professor | Duke University
240 Soc-Psych B
(919) 660-5773

Baker-Ward, Lynne
Adjunct Professor | North Carolina State University
640 Poe Hall
(919) 515-1731

Coffman, Jennifer
Adjunct Associate Professor | University of North Carolina Greensboro
Human Development and Family Studies
(336) 334-5307

Gardner-Neblett, Nicole
Adjunct Assistant Professor | University of North Carolina

Goldman, Barbara
Adjunct Professor | Frank Porter Graham Child Development Institute
330 Bypass Building
(919) 966-7169

Heilbron, Nicole
Adjunct Assistant Professor | Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
Duke University
(919) 681-1100

Shanahan, Lilly
Adjunct Assistant Professor | Clinical Developmental Psychology
University of Zurich

Willoughby, Michael
Adjunct Professor | RTI International
(919) 541-6622

Emeritus Faculty

Ornstein, Peter
Professor Emeritus
229 Davie Hall
Peter Ornstein, Ph.D.