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Dr. Peter Ornstein, Professor Emeritus of Developmental Psychology, was recently honored with a presentation ceremony of a Festschrift volume, written in his honor, published in June 2021 by Cambridge University Press.

“The Development of Children’s Memory: The Scientific Contributions of Peter A. Ornstein” was published by three co-editors, Drs. Lynne E. Baker-Ward, David F. Bjorklund, and Jennifer L. Coffman, who are former students of Dr. Ornstein’s and alumni of UNC Chapel Hill. The book includes chapters reflecting the four themes of Dr. Ornstein’s work over the years, and the chapters are written by Dr. Ornstein’s former students, mentees, and postdoctoral scholars.

The Development of Children’s Memory” provides an understanding of memory development through an examination of the scientific contributions of eminent developmental scientist Peter A. Ornstein. His fifty-year career not only coincided with but also contributed to a period of extraordinary progress in the understanding of children’s memory. The volume describes this historical context, constructs a theoretical structure for understanding memory development, and emphasizes research applications for educational and forensic practice.

Organized around Dr. Ornstein’s four influential research programs in children’s memory strategies, children’s event memory, family socialization of memory, and classroom socialization of memory, the chapters examine contemporary directions in each area, with commentaries addressing each program provided by internationally renowned developmental psychologists. The book presents a comprehensive overview of memory development for psychologists and educators at all levels of training and practice, and also provides a model of a generative life in science.

The book is available for purchase via Amazon. Congratulations, Dr. Ornstein!

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