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Janae Shaheed, a graduate student in Development Psychology, has received the 2020-21 Bernadette Gray-Little Award for Diversity Enhancement in Psychological Research.

The purpose of the Bernadette Gray-Little Awards for Diversity Enhancement in Psychological Research is to encourage and honor students who make a contribution to the advancement of knowledge concerning issues that face diverse populations or that are of concern to diverse populations.

Janae received this award for her research examining the impact of social inequalities on the well-being and identity development of marginalized groups, particularly LGBTQ youth of color. By grounding her work in an intersectional framework, she strives to create room for developmental psychologists to understand the complexity of LGBTQ youth of color’s social experiences. With an emphasis on community contexts, she hopes her research can continue to highlight how inclusive communities and social support can facilitate resilience and positive development. Janae was honored with the Bernadette Gray-Little Diversity in Research Award at the Psychology and Neuroscience Departmental Awards Ceremony on May 5, 2021. Congratulations, Janae!

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