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Kylie Bezdek, a graduate student in Developmental Psychology, is the recipient of a 2019-20 Society for Research in Child Development (SRCD) Pre-Doctoral State Policy Fellowship.

The SRCD Pre-doctoral State Policy Fellowship aims to provide participants with firsthand experience in state policymaking, program implementation, and evaluation, while also providing state executive branch agencies greater access to child development research expertise. Fellows can be involved in bridging research and policy through a variety of responsibilities. Depending on the specific placement, responsibilities might involve, for example, helping to inform the design of a new state pre-kindergarten program or working to strengthen an existing program; assisting in the planning or implementation of policy initiatives to improve quality; or assisting in the design, conduct, or analysis of a program evaluation. SRCD Fellows gain opportunities to gain further experience and insights into the ways in which research and child development expertise can be used to inform policymaking in state executive branch agencies.

Kylie is one of four SRCD Fellows with placements in state executive branch offices that work on state pre-kindergarten programs. She was selected for her strong scholarship in early childhood development and will serve as a 2019-20 SRCD Fellow at the North Carolina Division of Child Development and Early Education. Congratulations, Kylie!

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