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Dr. Eva Telzer, a Professor in Developmental Psychology, is the recipient of the 2019 Psychology Club’s Award for Excellence in Research Mentoring.

This award is selected via student nomination to recognize outstanding mentorship for undergraduate students in Psychology.

The awardee from the faculty department this year is someone who has taken her first honors thesis student this year, Dr. Eva Telzer. She not only managed to navigate the process but thrived in helping her mentee produce a successful thesis. Dr. Telzer has gone above and beyond her duty by helping said student publish her research in an academic journal. This faculty member is known to be someone who is passionate about helping her students genuinely succeed in the academic world, whether it is taking time out of her busy schedule to meet and help with projects or making sure that they have full access to the lab’s resources, so that their only limit is their creativity. Dr. Telzer ensures that she is there to guide her students through their first research projects, but also gives them enough space to experiment so that they are able to run labs by themselves in the future, ensuring that the next generation of researchers are capable of anything. Dr. Telzer was honored at the Psychology and Neuroscience Commencement Ceremony on May 12, 2019.

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